OK.. so one of me and my hubby's fave moments is blah doing his song "the blah"(ya know the total monster mash rip off as warren calls it) and we were wondering if there was anyway to get a copy of it or if it could be added to the player...we leave the episode menu of martian serum seven from mars playing whenever we watch it just so we can hear the full version. thanks!! totally better than the monster mash one of the best songs the cadbury people is sooo awesome, it is the best in the whole world...giggle.

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Your wish is our to-do list. :) We're digging through the archives trying to locate the original BLAH audio file... Will post it once we do!
oh thank you thank you thank you!!!! just when i think you can't get any more awesome you do! xoxoxoxo!
THE BLAH has been posted in our jukebox!
thank u so much it made our night!! xoxoxo
So long as we're requesting songs, any chance of getting either of Plush's songs? I especially liked "Dignity On Ice".

"We are prophets from the ethereal plane of Rock N' Roll."
"What does that even mean?"
"I don't know..."
Dignity on Ice has been posted! :)
Thanks! Have you ever thought of selling a CD, or doing something via iTunes?
awesome!!! allthough i do like driving u crazy a little bit more dignity on ice is also awesome!! thank u for keeping up with new stuff for us!
In the SWAG thread I mentioned that we don't own a lot of the publishing rights to some of the songs we parody, or the musical rights to some of the stock music we've used to create songs in the past.... BUT we are talking about trying to put something together, either a disc of original songs to sell in the store, or a "free" CD of stuff from the jukebox to use for giveaways and promotions... More as this develops!



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